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The Hostel Soline offers bed and breakfast accommodation in17 air-conditioned rooms (38 beds).

2x one bedroom (*PRICE: 36 eur/person)
11x two bedrooms (*PRICE: 30 eur/person)
2x three bedrooms (*PRICE: 28 eur/person)
2x four bedrooms (*PRICE: 26eur/person)

*The price for the period from 1.07. – 30.09. 2017

Each room has its own sink and a mirror. The shared use shower (divided for male and female guests) and toilets facilities are located in the corridor of the hostel.

Single Room

Room for 1 person, 36€/Person

Double Room

Room for 2 people, 30€/Person

Triple Room

Room for 3 people, 28€/Person

Quadruple Room

Room for 4 people 26€/Person